Two New Books by Filmmaker and Author Charles Ricciardi

If fighting bullies and racing the Appalachian Trail sound interesting to you, then maybe you'd like to check out two brand new books   by Charles Ricciardi.                                                  THE NIGHT THE BULLIES WERE BULLIED!  offers young (and maybe not so young) readers a chance to experience a story about a boy who is given the opportunity of revenge against a

As for THE GREAT APPALACHIAN TRAIL RACE, I really wanted to capture the beauty and escapism of the trail. The most intriguing    aspect for me is this sense of community  among hikers that, perhaps, sets them apart from other competitive athletes.  I think readers will enjoy seeing their internal and external struggle play out in a competition."

trio of bullies, but reconsiders. Charles explains, "with Bullied!  I wanted something that kids would pay attention to.  I created what I felt were fun and creepy images and set them to rhyme; my goal was to get a would be bully to re-think his or her behavior.   So far both teachers parents and children have really embraced it.