DREW: THE MAN BEHIND THE POSTER is a feature-length documentary highlighting the career of artist Drew Struzan, whose most popular works include the iconic "Indiana Jones,"     "Back to the Future" and "Star Wars" movie posters. Telling the story through exclusive interviews with George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Michael J. Fox, Frank Darabont, Guillermo del Toro, Bob Gale, Steven Spielberg and many other filmmakers, artists and critics, the journey spans Drew's early career in commercial and album cover art through his recent movie work becoming one of the most recognizable and influential artists of all time.  


PENTIMENTO is a narrative feature about Sofia, a Romanian illegal immigrant who leaves behind a checkered past as an erotic dancer in her homeland to realize her dream of becoming a singer in New York City. Burdened with high rents, low wages and the scant opportunities afforded to anyone with her immigration status, Sofia’s hopes for success dim with each passing day. Then she meets Connor; a misfit, willfully turning away from his wealthy family to pursue his own dream of becoming a serious artist. Passions ignite quickly, as do the fears of Connor's politically-charged parents. So threatened are they by this “outsider” and the harm she might wreck upon their family, they attempt to dispose of her. As the walls close in, Connor and Sofia’s strength is tested, as is their commitment to their creativity and love.

First time Italian Director and Artist Loredana Gasparotto tells a very personal and gritty story of one illegal immigrant.  The film is currently entering the festival circuit, and won a "Best Feature" award at the 2018 NYCIFF at the Dolby Theater.


SEXINA: POPSTAR, P.I. is a comedy feature film that follows Sexina; the world's hottest teen pop star, who also happens to be a secret crime-fighting detective battling evils in the music industry. When she discovers a missing scientist has been forced to create cyborg bands for "The Boss" of Glitz Records, played by TV "Batman" Adam West, the fists and power ballads fly! Featuring music by Davy Jones of The Monkees, and also starring Annie Golden of HBO's "Orange Is The New Black."  The movie poster was created by legendary artist Drew Struzan! Warning: The film is campy fun!

Sexina: Popstar, P.I. is being distributed by Wild Eye Releasing.

In the feature film DELAYED, engine trouble strands Greg Winters on the farm of eccentric widow Martha Thompson, who offers him a place to stay in exchange for handyman services. Greg agrees to the arrangement so he can fix his truck and leave town. While the old woman's constant disapproval of Greg's careless lifestyle almost makes the arrangement intollerable, he unexpectedly falls for her beautiful daughter and warms up to country life, and even Martha. Meanwhile the local sheriff arrives on the farm investigating a brutal hit and run. Can a few days in this small town force Greg to confront his past? Or is it too late?

This 2018 DVD re-release has been re-edited and tightened.      Delayed features a special appearance by singer/actress           Annie Golden of HBO's "Orange is the New Black."




Directed by Erik P. Sharkey Produced by Charles Ricciardi

Directed by Charles Ricciardi  Associate Producer Alan Baxter Written by Charles Ricciardi

Directed by Loredanna Gasparotto Produced & Edited by Charles Ricciardi


Directed by Erik P. Sharkey Produced by Charles Ricciardi



A narrative feature film, BARRIERS is the story of Tori, an affluent urban teen struggling to fit in with his friends.  When Tori befriends Snake, a streetwise kid from Harlem, his concerned parents hire Phil, played by Annie Golden, to be his Nanny and watch out for him. However, Snake's older and more dangerous brother emerges and Phil realizes the job is much more involved than she ever imagined. The iconic Quentin Crisp also stars as a profound deli-owner who advises Tori along the way.

BARRIERS was the recipient of the Shirley Clarke Artistic Acheivement Award at the Huntington International Film Festival, and in 2017 was released on Blu Ray by Films Around The World.

Directed by Alan Baxter  Produced by Charles Ricciardi Written by Charles Ricciardi